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Consignments are accepted five days a week during business hours (No Consignments on Tuesdays).


We do not have an appointment schedule, so please recognize there may be a slight wait time for you to drop off your items.


We determine the prices necessary to sell your items. If you have a threshold, you must be sure to communicate that clearly upon drop off or prior to pickup of your items. For items of a larger value, we will discuss a selling strategy with you prior to placing the item into our inventory. Items must be pre-approved prior to placement in the store along with dimensions:


For any furniture items to be consigned, please take several pictures of each piece. Pictures should include the top, sides, front view, and base. Items will need to meet the criteria we set for consignment consideration before acceptance and  pricing. Please Note: Rugs from pet loving households will not be consigned.


If you are unable to bring your larger furniture items to the store, we offer a free pickup service. Our pickup team has the authority to determine if the considered items will be taken from your residence based on visual inspection as photos sent via email may not portray the condition of the item you wish to consign.

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